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Project Description


A successful and popular DJ and live entertainment company, MK Roadshow approached Inkquisitive Designs for creating unique vinyl cut-outs for their DJ booth at events. They required the vinyls to be in gold to match their existing colour and for the printing process to be managed.


Keeping the brief in mind from the client, we played around with many fonts until we found ones that stood out and could be seen from a distance. Keeping the designs fairly simple we created reflective metallic vinyl cut-outs for MK Roadshow. The final printed vinyls were all masked and ready to apply onto their DJ booth. We looked at different shades of golds as some clients required rose gold, bronze gold or matte gold.

A massive thank you to Anand at InkQuisitive Designs for arranging the print of our company logo for our new DJ booth. Great service and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended!!