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Project Description



Chandni & Pranay wanted a logo of their initials to use throughout their wedding invites and signs. Save the date e-invites were to be created in a blue and white colour scheme. Similar traditional wedding invites were requested with inserts. For the reception, Inkquisitive Designs were asked to create a table plan, food menu board, oyster name cards, custom oyster card wallets as gifts for guests, table name cards, a welcome board, instagram board and personalised chocolate favours, all with a London theme. All of the printing was to be handled by Inkquisitive Designs.


We began this project by creating a P & C logo to use across the invites and wedding signs. Instead of using text, we used a calendar with a heart symbol to mark the date for the ‘save the date’ invite. The next project we worked on was the Indian wedding invitation, which we kept simple yet traditional as required by the clients. The elegance of this design is shown through the foiling work on the front of the invite. A wedding itinerary was also made using bright colours and simple text to explain the illustrations.
For the reception we kept the London theme running through all of the design work, from the foamex welcome board all the way to the personalised chocolate favours. Chandni & Pranay had wanted their table plans with the names of train stations in London, so we created an underground styled seating plan. Keeping the same design as an original oyster card, we produced name cards to be placed onto the tables. A quirky and unique gift of an oyster card wallet was also designed as a reception favour.

From the moment I met Anand I knew he was going to design all of my wedding stationary. He was creative, paid attention to detail, understood my theme and most of all was passionate about it. No matter what I asked for (and there was a lot!) the answer was always yes. When I was looking for kankotri I knew that I didn’t want something of the shelf. Anand created a completely bespoke kankotri including having to buy a cutter just to get the size and shape I wanted! He goes above anmd beyond and his customer service is second to none. You can call and text Anand at anytime. We had a London themed reception and Anand created a bespoke tube map table plan, a bespoke set of centre pieces, personalised chocolates and best of all personalised travel card holders!! The sky is the limit with Anand and I can’t recommend him enough.