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Project Description



As a new business, Lemon & Spice required all artwork from a new logo, menu design, digital menu design to promotional offer posters. The owners of the fast food establishment wanted to stand out from their competitors and so asked for bold, bright colours as well as a logo with images related to lemon and spice. All of the artwork, apart from the digital menu, was to be printed and delivered.


As this was a new establishment, we visited the premises to carry out measurements for the shop sign. Thinking outside the box, we used a slice of lemon and a chilli to replace the ‘O’ and ‘I’ in Lemon & Spice, adding a vicual feature of what the fast food shop offered. The takeaway menu had a dark front page to compliment the red and yellow of the logo. For the rest of the menu however, we chose to use pastel colours in a boxed design to split the items up and clearly display the headings. The digital menu was created from the original menu and displayed onto TV screens within the premises. The Lemon & Spice menu was printed on A4 folded into DL 6pp 130gsm double sided.

Thank you to Inkquisitive Designs! You have been a pleasure to work with having understood our requirement from the first meeting. Without doubt, we would work again with you.