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Project Description



Requiring a new logo, restaurant and take-away menu, drinks menu, posters and a feature wall display, Royal Leicesters asked Inkquisitive designs to create something unique to make the restaurant stand out from its competitors. We were given a colour scheme of a wooden textured burgundy and cream. All of the work carried out was to be printed and delivered.,


To gain more insight into the history of the Regiment, our research team went out to the Royal Leicester Regiment Museum to gain more insight and work of the soldiers. To begin with, we updated the logo giving it a fresh and modern look yet keeping all of the original features. For the restaurant menu we chose to use a bold striking image of spices and a dark wooden background to give it a gastropub feel. The inside of the menu was kept simple with bold headings and striking artwork.
The Regiment’s history board was challenging as there was so much information to condense down to the most important text showing the relationship between the British Regiment and the Indian Regiment. We kept some original images, provided by Royal Leicesters, to use within their feature wall display which was printed on a full 5mm foamex board.

I was really happy with the work that was produced. Inkquisitive Designs understood exactly what I was looking for and delivered some fantastic menu’s and feature wall display.