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Project Description


Providing extravagant cocktails, mocktails, fresh juices, desserts and much more, Brijwasi Events approached Inkquisitive Designs to create a festive greeting card for its customers, a business card that displays their products offered, custom signs for their client events and drinks menus.


As most of the work carried out for Brijwasi Events was exclusive  to their clients needs, we had many extensive meetings with the company to ensure each piece of work was carried out to perfection. The preferred material for the signs was foamex board as not only is it sturdy but weatherproof. For the business cards, we took the circle from Brijwasi Events’ logo and encorporated this with visuals to show what the company offers.

We have been using The team at Inkuisitive for over 3 years and we feel the level of creativity that the design team have is fundamental for our business. Working in the hospitality industry we create and deliver bespoke service concepts which are tailor made for our clients. Inkqusitive works around our clients and creates some of the most unique artwork for our clients.