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Project Description



Inkquisitive Designs works with a number of food and drink restaurants across the UK on menus and promotional material.

Take the Owl & Pussycat as an example. Recognised as one of the largest establishments in Leicester, it is renowned for being a traditional pub, restaurant and takeaway. Inkquisitive Designs was tasked with the creation of a new menu to introduce new food items and promotional nights due to our expertise in the sector.


The first task we had was to create a dummy layout to ensure existing and new items has space on the menu. The brief was to be wary of not overcrowding the design to confuse customers.

Once the layout was agreed, we completely overhauled of the menu to give a fresh modern look and feel. The result has been an influx of new business to the company. In addition, we also advised on the print requirements for the menu including paper type and finish and managed the entire production from start to finish.

The fact that we are still working with Inkquisitive Designs three years after our initial meeting shows how much we value their input in our business growth.